Hon White Truffle Spicy Mayo

[HON SAUCE is proud to offer our signature WHITE TRUFFLE spicy mayo. Made with REAL white truffle not truffle oil. Experience spicy mayo as you have never seen it before. This is truly the ultimate condiment to satisfy your taste buds. Our recipe was carefully blended with a balance of spiciness and flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more! Hon Sauce is the perfect condiment to enhance the flavor of your food. Whether using Hon Sauce as a topping or as a cooking sauce our quality ingredients will add some flare to any dish. It can be used with a variety of meats, salads, sushi, finger foods, sandwiches and more!](https://honsauce.com/products/hon-sauce-white-truffle-spicy-mayo#hon-sauce-is-proud-to-offer-our-signature-white-truffle-spicy-mayo-made-with-real-white-truffle-not-truffle-oil-experience-spicy-mayo-as-you-have-never-seen-it-before-this-is-truly-the-ultimate-condiment-to-satisfy-your-taste-buds-our-recipe-was-carefully-blended-with-a-balance-of-spiciness-and-flavor-

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