KanKun Pastor

KANKUN Pastor marinade is a traditional sauce originated from the cultural blend Mexican – Lebanese. It delivers a fruity tangy flavor. This is the base for the popular Tacos Al Pastor.

Amazing on grilled lamb, pork, beef or chicken. Perfect for those that like to add a bit of Mexican flavour to their meals but without too much heat (this cooking sauce is mild), this marinade has a unique blend of pineapple, tomato and pasilla chilli paste. It is the perfect combination of sweet and with a mild chilli flavour, simply add to pork or beef and it go very well with some grilled pineapple slices! You could also add it to your shredded pork dishes.

You could also use it to marinade the chicken and add some fresh pineapple pieces to bring some zig to a salad, further magnifying the flavours inherent in the cooking sauce itself. Grab a tortilla or take a red bell pepper and get stuffing before popping it into the oven! It is a gluten free sauce, also additives free, low salt and low fat. We carefully choose the produce that goes into our sauces, ensuring that there is GMO, no palm oil and it is suitable for vegetarians. Chillies are a natural preservative, so you will find that all of our sauces have a long shelf life and most can be stored for 2 years. Why not excite your friends at your dinner party of BBQ and tease them with the secrets that go in to create KANKUN sauces.

**Directions:** Add the sauce to 500 gr of lam / pork loin / chicken or beef. Slow-cook or grilled the meat.

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